Encre Noire Pour Homme Fragrance Review: Dark & Lovely


Vetiver is one of those perfume ingredients that I am naturally drawn to for some reason. I especially love the dark, earthy and vegetal aspects of the plant that are emphasized in fragrances. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the freshly scrubbed and very clean versions of vetiver perfumes, but I must admit, I prefer my vetiver, dark and dirty.
Lalique has one such fragrance that meets all the qualifications of a great vetiver fragrance and it is the lovely Encre Noire Pour Homme. It is all that I love about vetiver. It’s dark, earthy and it’s not cleaned up with a bunch of florals and such.

Encre Noire Pour Homme was launched in 2006 and the perfumer was Nathalie Lorson. It primarily consists of five ingredients: cypress, Haitian vetiver, Bourbon vetiver, cashmere woods and musk. In my eyes it could not be more perfect in highlighting the facets of this wonderful perfume ingredient. If you ever wanted to smell vetiver in its most natural state, Encre Noire Pour Homme has captured the essence beautifully. Image

On another note, compared to some of the other niche and designer perfumes that have vetiver fragrances in their catalog, Encre Noire Pour Homme is at a much lower price point; which makes it more accessible to everyone.

At the start, you are greeted with a powerful blast of vetiver and cypress which comes off very dark and inky and continues through the life of the fragrance. Encre Noire Pour Homme is pretty linear and I don’t detect any cashmere woods or musk in the base. It could be that I am anosmic to these notes or that the vetiver overpowers them, which isn’t a bad thing.Image

If you are new to vetiver fragrances and want to dip your toes into the virtual vetiver waters, I highly recommend you check out Encre Noire Pour Homme. It smells beautiful and the price is excellent.

So are you a vetiver fan? Do you love Encre Noire Pour Homme? What are some of your favorite vetiver perfumes? Let me know in the comments.

Encre Noire Pour Homme can be purchased online at various online retailers for about $35 USD.


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6 Responses to Encre Noire Pour Homme Fragrance Review: Dark & Lovely

  1. Laurels says:

    I have a sample of this, but have been a little afraid to try it. You’ve inspired me, though — this week for sure.

  2. Azar says:

    Hi Ferris,
    I’ve been wondering about this fragrance. Thank you for the review.
    BTW, I have contemplated growing vetiver on a steep slope on our property to help stabilize the soil. From what I understand, though, vetiver will grow here but it will not thrive. Our winters are just too cold.
    Azar xx

  3. Hey Buddy,
    Encre Noire. YUM. I love to dip my nose in the vetiver waters of it.
    Portia xx

  4. Ppco says:

    I love Encre Noire and Chanel’s Sycamore. Gorgeous and unisex.

  5. Thang says:

    Nice review. I like thís scent

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