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If you believe that celebrity fragrances are squeezed out by fairies from the petals of flowers and you are under 12, you are forgiven. ┬áIf you believe this and you are past puberty, you need help.…

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Eau des Merveilles by Hermes: A Dazzling Wonder

Eau Des Merveilles is good scent that starts out very promising. The orange salty vibe that it exudes is very refreshing and invigorating; the orange in particular is light and not overpowering. It seems to effervescence off your skin like … Continue reading

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This is a great introspective on the wonderful orange blossom note. I’ve come to love this exquisite note due to the many facets that are expressed in each perfume’s composition. Each one different, but equally intriguing.

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Different Name, Same Place

Hello Fellow Perfume Lovers, My blog is changing names very soon and I wanted to give everyone a heads up. It will be changing to InThe, and any links and bookmarks to the older site, will no longer work. … Continue reading

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Just Me for Men by Paris Hilton: A Tutti-Fruitti Concoction That Falls Short

On the heels of the female version, Paris Hilton released Just Me for Men in 2006, with the expertise of perfumer Jean-Louis Grauby. This scent was earned a lot praise and criticism all over YouTube and online community regarding how … Continue reading

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