Fragrance Review: Creed Green Irish Tweed- Distinguished Gentleman

Green Irish Tweed

Green Irish Tweed Source:

If there is one fragrance that epitomizes the well dressed man, it would be none other than the notorious Green Irish Tweed from Creed. It has stood the test of time and has always remained at the top of its game. It is both timeless and classic and is in a class all it’s own. Sure there have been many imitators, but one one has even close to topping the original. It is truly one of a kind.

GIT was launched in 1985 and created by Oliver Creed (6th generation). This scent was purportedly created for Actor Cary Grant. Whether or not that’s true, I cannot say, but what I can say is that it is a fantastic fragrance, that I have come to love immensely.

Lemon Verbena  Source:

Lemon Verbena Source:

Top: lemon verbena, iris

Middle: violet leaves

Base: myosere sandalwood, ambergris

Violet Leaves   Source:

Violet Leaves Source:

ambergris specimen found on beach  Source:

ambergris specimen found on beach Source:

Sandalwood heartwood  Source:

Sandalwood heartwood Source:

GIT starts off very fresh and green with the lemon verbena and iris. Stays this way for a few hours. 3hours at least or longer. The dry down is pretty amazing with the signature ambergris and sandalwood combination. The scent is is pretty linear and that’s what I enjoy about it. Ambergris comes to the forefront in the end. Even still, the top and middle notes are still evident on your skin and never completely disappear which is great, and the tale tale signs of a great fragrance and quality ingredients used to create it.

Longevity: over 12 hours
Projection: 2-3 hours

Pertaining to the occasions to wear,Green Irish Tweed is a fragrance that a man can wear all year round and never seem out of season. It goes well with jeans and T-shirt as well as a suit and tie. it is also a fragrance that any man wouldn’t mind receiving as a gift. It is masculine, sophisticated and stands heads over heels above other fragrances that are in the marketplace today.

GIT is classified as a Woody/Fresh fragrance and some may even say it is an aquatic given then lemon verbena and iris. It is clean and crisp and very classy.

Green Irish Tweed is often compared to two other scents: Davidoff’s Cool Water and Bond No 9’s Chez Bond. But to me there is no comparison.

First, Cool Water is a marine, aquatic batch of chemicals that is very loud and smells like bathroom cleanser. The top is very unpleasant, but the dry down is much better. Over spraying this one is instant headache and may trigger a sneeze reflex if you walk by.

Second, Chez Bond is much better, and that is starts off similar to GIT, but takes a sweeter turn. Chez Bond is supported by herbal tea accord and vanilla, while GIT stays green and fresh. Both are good fragrances depending upon what you want.

Fresh type fragrances aren’t my usual thing, but when one comes along, you can’t deny how great it is. Green Irish Tweed was stood the test of time and continues to be a trendsetter for others to follow. Green Irish Tweed is definitely one fragrance, every gentleman should have in his scent arsenal. A true classic.

Rating: 4 stars


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