Fragrance review: Songes by Annick Goutal

ImageSonges is a beautiful white floral that is fit for a queen or a king for that matter. It is sumptuous , luxurious and full of tropical vigor.

ImageThe inspiration for Songes allegedly stems from Camille Goutal’s honeymoon in Tahiti/Hawaii and it truly showcases this facet perfectly.

ImageThe tiare flower and frangipani combine to give a banana-like and coconut aroma that is heavenly; Giving you the feel of being on a tropical island beach catching wifts of that magnificent scent in the warm breeze. The scent remains this way for about 1-2 hours

ImageAs the fragrance progresses, the tiare flower and frangipani is joined by sambac jasmine absolute that smells slightly indolic which gives it some bite. The French vanilla absolute adds some weight to the composition and lends some creaminess which in turn adds more volume to the narcotic, heady florals.

ImageThe sandalwood and amber in the base does a good job in grounding this fragrance so it doesn’t disappear or vanish into thin air like a thief in the night. The sandalwood in this fragrance has a weird pencil shavings smell that I have not smelled before. Usually sandalwood is creamy and dreamy, however, it works with this scent because the florals used are so rich and indulgent.

Songes is a scent that doesn’t scream, but purrs in ecstasy after you’ve had your way with her. Soft whispers in your ear and kisses you on neck come to mind.

Scent of pure seduction, one you would scent yourself with when seducing a lover in your darkened candlelit boudoir. Soft music playing in the background and dressed only with five sprays of  Songes and nothing else. 

While the edt concentration is more transparent, light, and airy, the edp in dense, richer and sweeter. Both of these concentrations are excellent, although my preference is for  the eau de toilette.

House:   Annick Goutal

Year of introduction: 2005

Perfumers: Camille Goutal/ Isabelle Doyen

Notes: Tiare flower, frangapini, sambac jasmine absolute, ylang-ylang absolute, olibanum, French vanilla absolute, sandalwood, amber.

Longevity: Good 6 hours

Projection: Average, closer to the skin

Rating: 4 stars


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4 Responses to Fragrance review: Songes by Annick Goutal

  1. Undina says:

    It’s interesting that this perfume, in your experience, stays in some phase “for 1-2 hours” because on my skin it stays on for not more than 2 hours.
    When I tested it it wasn’t bad but I didn’t feel like wearing itagain.

  2. laniersmith says:

    It sounds really wonderful to me! Loved your post.

  3. malsnano86 says:

    Songes is lovely. And I really love white florals on men.

    • dkchocoman says:

      @Malsnano86 White florals are lovely on men. Sometimes they don’t go well with some people’s body chemistry,male or female, but they are definately worth a try. I think more men would try them if they knew their partner’s loved the way it smelled on them. Thanks for the comment!

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