Black Aoud by Montale: Toxic, Headache Inducing Oud

Black Aoud by Montale

Black Aoud by Montale

I had high hopes for this disaster of a fragrance, after seeing numerous vlogs and blogs praising this juice in the black aluminum can to the hilt. So with reckless abandon, I threw caution to the wind, ventured online and obtained a sample of Black Aoud from LuckyScent.
Basenotes lists the notes as Cambodian aoud,


Patchouli leaves, Mandarin, Musk, Rose petals

Out of the bottle, Black Aoud is so fresh and aromatic. The rose just blooms before your nose and is ever so fragrant. I don’t think I have ever smelled a rose that comes across so strongly. I smelled the rose before I even opened the vial. With such a fantastic opening, things were looking pretty good. Once the vial was opened, it literally filled up the entire office. Very nice! I dabbed some on my wrists and I was off to the races. I was wowed and amazed at the projection which is nothing short of amazing. Black Aoud projects very far and wide, a couple feet in fact; Massive projection and sillage are definitely on the menu in regards to this fragrance, so it will not disappoint.
Red Rose

Red Rose

However, after about 1-2 hours, Black Aoud starts going downhill with the mysterious oud note creeping in sinisterly, its fumes engulfing me like cloud of poisonous gas meant to kill formidable enemies on the battlefield. The stench was utterly unbearable, almost to the point of nausea. I was overcome with a strong dark, very unpleasant medicine-like odor which smells of camphor. To those who are unfamiliar with what that is think Vicks Vapor Rub, other cold medicines or ointment infused bandages.

After smelling this camphorous medicinal note for a while, it gave me a massive headache and I have not worn it since. The oud in this is much too strong for me, and when added to the overly fragrant rose, it is sickening.

People who are thinking of obtaining a full bottle of Black Aoud, please do yourself a favor and sample before you buy. This is not a blind buy. Black Aoud has excellent projection and longevity, but it fails in the likeable department. Doing a nose to wrist smell test, the oud was still there 12 hours later. Not a good thing. The oud note in this fragrance is way too potent to enjoy which classifies this scent as unwearable as far Iā€™m concerned.

Projection/Sillage: Excellent 3-5 hours
Longevity: Excellent, 12+ hours
Rating: Ā½ star/ 5 stars

Black Aoud is available in 50 and 100ml at various online retailers such as LuckyScent and is priced at $110 and $160 respectively.


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16 Responses to Black Aoud by Montale: Toxic, Headache Inducing Oud

  1. Kafkaesque says:

    Heh. This is considered to be the *best* Montale, the safest and loveliest…… Take what you experienced, and then imagine Lime Aoud. When I told a blogger it traumatized me, he replied with complete seriousness that it would traumatize a serial killer. And it would. It takes the unreal potency of the Montale line in general, and amps it up by a thousand degrees with screeching synthetics and an oud note that would fell a dozen giants. One drop is sufficient and it remains after a shower. I’d say you got off pretty lightly with Black Aoud…. šŸ˜‰ People rarely believe me about the Montale line and always think I’m exaggerating. Until they try it for themselves….. *grin*

    • dkchocoman says:

      I am still traumatized by my experience K. I have the vial segregated in it’s separate container. I don’t believe how I was bamboozled into dabbing that toxic smelling stuff on my skin. It fools you all too well with the rose essence, which is out of this world. Then the Oud comes out of nowhere and sucker punches you right in the nose, followed by a uppercut to the chin and a knee kick to the groin.You could probably clear a whole stadium with this stuff.LOL Keep in mind, I dabbed Black Aoud vs spraying from my sample vial. I cannot imagine spraying this scent. Had I sprayed it, it would have probably resulted in a trip to the ER or local decontamination center, so I could be hosed down and scrubbed thoroughly.LOL. Have you tried New York Oud yet?

      • Kafkaesque says:

        I’m laughing so much at your horror! So, so much. *grin* Especially at the fact that you have the vial “segregated.” Heh. A friend of mine (who, naturally, didn’t quite believe me about the Montales) ordered a few from Surrender to Chance, along with a ton of other stuff. Not only did each Montale come segregated in its own little pouch, but they sent the Montales in a completely separate envelope from everything else. Obviously, they feared contamination too…. ROFL. I sent my sample of Lime Aoud to Kevin and…. well, it traumatized him. (I really can’t stop laughing.) I sent him to read this post of yours in preparation for Aoud Lime’s arrival but he still wasn’t prepared.

        No, I haven’t tried New York Oud yet. I got a ton of other things to try first. Amusingly enough, when I ordered a sample of a brand new, just released men’s cologne, the site (Parfum1) sent me another Montale Aoud! Saffron Aoud. It’s as if I can’t escape the line, no matter how much I try.

        OT, what’s going on with the plans to change the Blog’s name? It shouldn’t change my following it, right? It’s just a small change to the IP address, right? Have you done it or have you put it off?

  2. I think some people are Montale averse. You either love them or hate them. Have you tried Sandflowers?
    Portia xx

    • dkchocoman says:

      I can see why some people dislike Montale fragrances. From my experience, Black Aoud is definitely, not my cup of tea. If the Oud was toned down a bit or quite a lot, I might have enjoyed it. I have sampled Red Aoud which was quite pleasant. It was spicy, somewhat gourmand, and had a light touch of Oud which came across as soapy which I thoroughly enjoyed. I have not tried Sandflowers, although it does sound intriguing. I will put that on my sample list for sure. Thanks for stopping by Portia!

  3. Undina says:

    Black Oud was my first (and it almost became the last) Montale to try. I can safely say that I hate it. I can’t blame solely this specific fragrance since I dislike most rose-agarwood perfumes with rare exceptions but this one was probably the worse. I gave away my sample after the first test: there is no way I’d willingly subject myself to that horror again. šŸ˜‰

  4. LOL. Sorry this was such a scrubber for you. I can see how you could have reacted this way to it. Black Aoud is definitely an acquired taste. Once I got over the original blast of rubber, it seems to calm down nicely. The key to any Montale fragrance is not to over apply. Give it 6 months and try it again with a very small application!

  5. Sebastian says:

    I have really wanted to try this. It’s on my list. Can never find it anywhere to smell it. Not sure why but lately the rose note has been attracting me. In small amounts though and I hear there’s small amounts in this frag.

    • dkchocoman says:

      The rose is great in this fragrance, but the oud just mucks it all up.Two fragrances you might want to try are Lyric Man and NY Oud. Both of these are wonderful. Lyric Man is a great rose fragrance thats green with angelica and galbanum. NY Oud is also a rose scent that includes oud, saffron,plum,vetiver and honey.They are very expensive, but are worth it. People are doing splits all the time, just ask around. Another one you might want to try is Voleur de Roses by L’Artisan. I’ve heard great things about it, although I haven’t tried it out myself. Thanks for stopping by Sebastian!

      • Sebastian says:

        Thanks for the reply! Will have to find Lyric Man as I don’t know much about it but I have smelled NY Oud (Bond No. 9 right?) and didn’t think much of it. Will try again for sure.

      • dkchocoman says:

        The fragrance house Amouage makes Lyric Man and can be purchased at luckyscent. You are correct Bond No. 9 makes NY Oud. So you didnt like NY Oud? I had a similiar experience, but it grew on me eventually and now I love it.

      • Sebastian says:

        Yeah Amouage I’ve heard of and I know it’s pricey! Will definitely check it out. I might actually have a sample of NY Oud that I can spray for sure! Have you smelled Cafe Rose by Tom Ford? I really am digging this one!!

      • dkchocoman says:

        No I haven’t tried Cafe Rose by Tom Ford. It sounds delightful though. I have tried Noir de Noir from the TF Private Blend line and it is exquisite. Its a wonderful rose, dark chocolate, and oud based fragrance.

  6. John says:

    hey, not sure if i’m doing this proper, but i’m following your blog through email. if i won the gift certificate you’re giving away, i would use it to buy a bottle of lumiere noire from luckyscent. thanks for the opportunity!

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