It is truly sad to see the end of an era where perfume making was an art and not mass produced bottles of garbage. Celebriscents are the thing nowadays and perfumes companies are in it to make money, by any means necessary. Good or bad, the scents that many of the A-listers endorse,aren’t even worn by the stars. This is just another pay check that the star collects in addition to their other salaries. Every time, I see, hear or smell a Celebrity Scent, I want to gag. This article is a very interesting look into that high pressure environment.



If you believe that celebrity fragrances are squeezed out by fairies from the petals of flowers and you are under 12, you are forgiven.  If you believe this and you are past puberty, you need help.  Even though few would be as naive as to believe that fairies are involved in creating a fragrance, even fewer are familiar with the process of making one.  Fragrance companies have done a great job enshrouding in mystery the creative and technical process of creating their masterpieces and duds.  After all, the business of selling perfume is really the business of selling the dream of something we want to experience, whether it is sensuality, coolness or comfort.

I couldn’t allow myself to believe in the story about fairies and magic.

As I was curious about the process of making a fragrance, from its inception to its release on the market, I couldn’t allow myself…

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  1. Scent Bound says:

    Thanks for reblogging dkchocoman. To your point of what celebrities actually wear, I came across this list on basenotes. I don’t see many celebrity scents on there.

  2. I haven’t found one that I liked, which is why I’m getting into natural perfuming. It is an amazing moment when you realize that scent is your way into the world and all these people are spending their time trying to sell you something that doesn’t feel real. Hmmm… maybe that’s the way I feel about celebrities, too.

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