Eau des Merveilles by Hermes: A Dazzling Wonder

edm miniEau Des Merveilles is good scent that starts out very promising. The orange salty vibe that it exudes is very refreshing and invigorating; the orange in particular is light and not overpowering. It seems to effervescence off your skin like a gentle sea breeze. Basenotes lists the notes as

Top: cedar, vetiver, oak
Middle: ambergris
Bottom: orange, elemi, lemon, pink pepper

Sliced oranges

Sliced oranges


The pepper, vetiver, and cedar all work together, to give Eau Des Merveilles some structure without compromising its delicate nature and to my surprise, it works amazingly well. The wood notes are blended so well you can barely tell they are even there and are not overpowering. The ambergris imparts a slightly salty quality which is likeable and counterbalances the orange in the base. I consider this scent to be completely unisex; as a guy or woman can easily pull it off and can also be worn all year with no problem. ph--Elemi-biolandes-1232118846

Longevity is very good, lasting about 8 hours on my skin; Projection, on the other hand, was moderate for about 2 hours and then became close to the skin.

Longevity: 6-8 hours
Projection/ Sillage: 2 hours

The only problem is the dry down, which can come across as “cheap orange shampoo”, which can be a problem for some. To solve this minor issue, I would recommend layering this scent with another slightly stronger scent. One in particular, Terre D’Hermes ( edt), is one that would work perfectly with this one. The strong mineral-like, woodsy, and grapefruit accords would be great with the airy orange ambergris accords. Because of this I can only give this one an average rating, but overall, its not too bad.

Eau des Merveilles comes in sizes ranging from 30 ml to 100ml and can be purchased from a number of locations including exclusive Hermes boutiques, Sak’s Fifth Avenue, Nordstroms, Sears, and various online retailers. Prices range is $80.00 USD to $133.00USD.

Rating: 3 stars/5 stars

Eau des Merveilles was launched in 2004 and created by Ralf Schwieger and Nathalie Feisthauer

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4 Responses to Eau des Merveilles by Hermes: A Dazzling Wonder

  1. Kafkaesque says:

    Nice review, Ferris. I think it would go great layered with the Terre d’Hermès. I will never be a huge fan of the Eau, however. The Elixir de Merveilles owns me totally. I’m confused though, I thought you had gotten the Elixir? Or are you reviewing the Eau in preparation for a review of the Elixir? 😉

    • dkchocoman says:

      Unfortunately, Elixir is still out of stock at my favorite online retailer, so I’m still living off my sample vial and unable to purchase a full bottle of that fantastic juice! You are correct, this EDM review is in preparation for Elixir one, so don’t fret, it will be posted very soon. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. lorraine says:

    I’m actually a fan of EDM – don’t have that problem with the drydown. But now you’ve got my intrest piqued for Elixir – how is it different?

    • dkchocoman says:

      Elixir is dark, dense and rich whereas EDM is light, airy and transparent. The patchouli and resins that are used in Elixir make it very resinous and oozes sophisication. However this can overwhelm in hot weather, but in the cooler seasons can be wonderful. They are polar opposites of one another, and they are both good in their own regard, but Elixir edges out EDM slighty in that I love dark and resinous scents.Go ahead and grab a sample from http://www.theperfumedcourt.com to try it and see if it works for you and let me know what you think. Better yet you can sample it for free at your nearest Nordstroms or Hermès perfume counter. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.I appreciate your comments.

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