Just Me for Men by Paris Hilton: A Tutti-Fruitti Concoction That Falls Short

Just Me For Men: Source Fragrantica

Just Me For Men: Source Fragrantica

On the heels of the female version, Paris Hilton released Just Me for Men in 2006, with the expertise of perfumer Jean-Louis Grauby. This scent was earned a lot praise and criticism all over YouTube and online community regarding how good or bad this scent is. To start off, Just Me was brought to my attention by Al aka fragrancefanatic1 from YouTube, creator of the infamous StreetScents series. Before his video, it never dawned on me that any of her scents would be good or wearable for that matter. So with that in mind, I gladly blind purchased Just Me for Men.
Paris Hilton: Source Bing

Paris Hilton: Source Bing

Before this scent, I have never tried any of Paris Hilton’s fragrances, nor have I been tempted to purchase any. When I think of the heiress, the words that come to mind are gaudy, over the top and excessive. So you can understand why I wasn’t too enthused about trying this scent in the first place. However, in spite of my displeasing sentiments about the perfume’s creator, I approached Just Me with an open mind and devoted my full attention as I would with all my reviews.

Paris Hilton: Source Bing

Paris Hilton: Source Bing

Just Me has earned comparisons to Giorgio Armani’s best selling fragrance Acqua Di Giò that hit the shelves in 1996. Acqua Di Gio is #1 for good reason; it smells good to the greatest number of people, both male and female.

The scent starts off fresh and pleasant with a strong alcoholic blast of limes reminiscent of a candy lime martini in a sugar rimmed glass. After it calms down a bit, I detect mandarin orange and lime with a bit of spice, namely nutmeg. It projects well for about 30 minutes to an hour then becomes a elusive skin scent. There are a whole host of notes listed on frangrantica, but frankly, I can’t smell any of them. The only things I get are lime, mandarin and nutmeg. I also get a sea breeze accord that’s thrown in for good measure, that’s not strong but rounds out the scent and gives it a little more volume. The best part of this scent is the first three hours, after which it’s barely detectable unless you have your nose directly on your skin.

Like I said previously, the only notes you get for the entire duration of Just Me is lime, mardarin and nutmeg. This is kind of disappointing, given the long list of notes I can barely smell. Not only that, in hot weather, this scent dissipates very quickly. It almost seems, you sweat the scent off, which isn’t bad given how little this stuff actually costs. The scent is best suited for a younger crowd as this is not a very sophisticated fragrance. It brings to mind the infamous CoverGirl slogan: Easy, Breezy. Just Me is exactly that, easy to wear and has the cool breeze of summer and spring written all over it. Although this scent reminds you of Acqua Di Giò, it falls short in so many ways both in longevity and projection. Furthermore, Acqua Di Giò smells better and is more potent than Hilton’s concoction.

Light scent, little projection, and below average longevity. On extremely hot days the perfume is nonexistent and fades very quickly even if you douse yourself with it. The fragrance is so light and faint that I would equate this with a body splash from Bath & Body Works than a real perfume. The time to wear it is summer but that’s the time where it fades the quickest so it’s a double edged sword. You can remedy this problem by reapplying frequently since its uber cheap. No big deal, right? I do wish the concentration of this cologne was a little higher. I’m sure they aren’t using real essential oils or herbal essences that very expensive so Paris Hilton can afford to up the ante a little bit. This is all synthetic and the quality is just not there, which is obvious from the first sniff of this “Sugar Lime Martini” sorry excuse of a scent. It needs to be a lot stronger so it can hold up under the heat where you would ideally wear this scent. I guess you get what you pay for, which in this case isn’t much at all.

Rating: 2 stars/ 5 stars

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3 Responses to Just Me for Men by Paris Hilton: A Tutti-Fruitti Concoction That Falls Short

  1. Kafkaesque says:

    I respect the effort and the open-mindness. I really like the fact that you’re willing to try anything. But Acqua di Gio is perhaps the fragrance that I despise most on this planet (or, at least, high in the top 3) so the thought of something that is even worse and a paler, blander version… ROFL! I was very amused by your comment regarding how there are a whole host of notes, “but frankly, I can’t smell any of them. Doesn’t that suck, when it happens? Like you feel you have to or should be smelling them; they’re all listed there, after all, aren’t they? And yet, maybe 3 if you’re lucky. That happened to me with Guerlain’s Shanghai and it’s hugely disappointing. All in all, though, I commend you for trying to give this a shot with an open mind.

    • dkchocoman says:

      This was very disappointing to say the least, as I was expecting so much more given the high praise from the StreetScentz YouTube video review. But it only costs $25 for 100 ml. Now that’s super CHEAP!! So I’m not out a lot of cash.

  2. calvin0416 says:

    I made a wordpress account so I can “like” it 🙂
    Looking forward to your next piece

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